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Earning made by my subscribers in the last month 500,000$

My Name is Michelle.
I have three beautiful boys and unfortunately I lost my husband in a car accident five years ago. Before my tragedy happened, I used to work as a web developer in an online gaming company. Life was good; we had a nice income coming in. The kids were happy having their daddy around, helping them, playing with them, and cooking their favorite food. I was happy having all "Mom" duties sorted out, and most important thing, we had the weekends for traveling and spending time together as a family. But then it happened, out of the blue, Love of My Life is Gone!

New chapter! New life! New arrangements!

As you probably understand, I had to find a way to provide my children with everything they needed and of course to be with them as much as I could. A brilliant idea came to me. I was familiar with online gambling from my web-developer days, and had already analyzed a way to beat Roulette, so I thought to myself "hey why don't you give it a try?" I gave it a try! What started as a chance, ended as one of the most significant achievements I have ever accomplished. Today I am spending no more than 30 minutes on each casino, and my huge earnings allowed me to quit my job and work from home.

Why am I sharing with you my method for earning money?

imply, because there are so many people that life treated unfairly, and I felt that this simple way of earnings, must be shared all over the world. Please understand, helping others doesn't make me earn any more or any less , it only makes me feel good knowing others can have a good life, going with their families on vacation, spending more time at home with their kids, and buying whatever they want.

Enough with the talking,let's be practical!

Few important tips before we start

Anyone can do it !!!

no skills are required; you don't even need to understand the game rules. All you need to do is follow my instructions, and that's it! Money will start to flow directly to your bank account or e-wallet.

This system is 100% legal

No cheating is involved! The casino will always pay your winnings within 5-7 business days. Usually I withdraw all my 1000€, and always leave around 150€ in my casino's balance, so I won't need to deposit again. Simple math – I play in 5 casinos (see below) per day and win a maximum of 50€ per day per casino I get a total of 250€ per day X 30 = 7.500€/month.

I am always available to assist you

I urge you to send me email if you need any help. This is my email address: By now you know that my first priorities are the kids, but I will really try answer all of your questions within 24 hours. Be patient with me on this one… By the way, I am getting so many supportive emails from all over the world, thanking me for changing people's lives. It's making me stronger knowing that! Thank you everybody!

Let's get to business – The System!

Short background about the system:

I already told you I used to work as a web developer in an online gambling company. I found that certain casinos have faults , NOT ALL OF THEM!!! I made my research and tests over the years and discovered some well-known casinos that still have these faults. Trust me, if you want to succeed, you must use only the casinos I recommend you. Do not try this method on sites other than those listed below – it won't work!

The System:
I will now describe briefly, everything you need to know about this method. I play either European Roulette or French Roulette. Start by betting 1€ on RED

If the RED comes up, you win 1€. Your next step is to bet 1€ on the BLACK color. When you win, you always change the color. If the BLACK comes up you lose the initial 1€. Your next step is to bet 2€ on the RED color. When you lose, you stay on the same color and double the bet until you win. For example, I lost 1€, now I bet 2€ on the RED; if I lose again, I will bet now 4€ on the RED; if I lose again, I will bet 8€ on the RED; if I WIN I will change the color and bet again 1€ on the BLACK.

If the ZERO comes up (happens very rarely) you lose 1€. Your next step is to bet 2€ again on the RED until you win and then change the color. (same as step number 2).

So now that I’ve described the system of how to play, we need to move onto some other very important points you need to know. You must follow all the instructions and read through the whole page. Don't take any shortcuts - it won't be worthy.

First you need to practice. The best way to do that is to download one of the casinos by clicking on one of the images below. Now you can play in DEMO MODE, which doesn't cost you anything. You can also watch the video I included at the bottom of the page. After 10 minutes of practice, you will be ready to start earning 100€ in one hour.

Once you feel comfortable, you can go and start with the real mode. I advise you to deposit 65€ in one casino, and as soon as you've won, go ahead and deposit in another casino. I play every day in Five casinos and I make 250€ to 300€ a day. Don't worry, your initial 65€ will be the best investment you've made in your life. I promise you that!!!

Valuable tip: Some piple start by depositing 20€ or 30€ don't waste our time by doing the same. It won't be enough to continue if the same color comes up 4 times in a row. It is better to be persistent and to wait for your 65€. Don't let me tell you "I told you so..."

You will soon become a VIP player at the casino. The casino will reward you with bonuses and gifts, and they may even call you just to say hello. The casinos have 24/7 support for any issue you might have, so don't hesitate to contact them. They are there only for you!

Which casinos have been tested and approved by this system?

Here are the banners of casinos I have tested with my system. As I already mentioned above, do not use other casinos as these "other" casinos already encountered the system, and you will lose before you even started. All you need to do is to click on one of the images below and very soon you will be bringing in "EXTRA" income for your family.

casino casino casino casino casino

Once you click on the image, you will be directed to the casino home page. Download the software, and register at the casino. Fill in your details and save the password somewhere safe. It is easy to forget your user name and password so please write it down so you won't have trouble accessing your account at the casino. Once you're done with the registration process, you will be asked whether you want to play in DEMO or REAL mode. As I mentioned before, start with the DEMO mode just to get some practice and to get used to the system.

Final instructions:

I will now describe in detailed steps exactly what you need to do in order to start. It may already be quite clear, but just to be on the safe side read a little bit more here: 1. Click on one of the images of the Casinos
2. Download the software
3. Register and fill in your personal details – write down your password and user name.
4. Practice in the DEMO mode.
5. Deposit 65€ by using your credit card or your e-wallet.
6. Look for the European or French Roulette
7. Start your bet with 1€ on one of the colors. – Always start with maximum 1€ bet on one color.
8. If the right color comes up, start again on the other color with 1€.
9. If the wrong color comes up, double your bet on the same color
until you win and start again using 1€ on the other color.
10. Once you have won between 5€ and 50€, stop for the day in this casino, and come back tomorrow.
11. Do the same in all the Five casinos I listed, then you will achiev the earnings you are aiming for. roulette

When you start, a reasonable tactic is to win 20% on your deposit, for example if you deposit 100€ then 20€ will be fair enough. That doesn't seem much, but go slowly at the beginning - you have plenty of time to win more.

Don't forget I'm here for you for any questions you might have, but please before sending me email, re-read my blog again. I'm sure you will find the answer by yourself as I gave all the information for you to succeed.

Proof of earnings and some 'thank you' e-mails:

I have received hundreds of e-mails. I cannot post them all on the site, but thank you for all those generous messages that encourage me to continue what I'm doing and helping others.

Mike Milner
to me

Dear Michelle

I just feel the need to add a quick note to say how imressed i am, not just about the system you have provided (which i believe is excellent), comment-decor but more importantly about your support and worm service you are providing. the full service is excellent my dear, i honestly can't recommend you enough cheers
Mike Milner.


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Thank you Michele :)

yellow inbox
Mark Stephan
to me

Hi Michelle

How are you doing? I hope everything is well with you. It's been quite a while since the last time we spoke, well that's because l've been quite busy, Cashing in 'chips' :).... Yeah it's been very god so far, honsetly Michel, l've really got to hand it to you cause i was slightly worried ar first about system so i was pleasantly surprised to win over 50k in my first year using your system... I'm really glad i made the right decision to start......
Best regards,
Mark Stephan


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My Dear Michele:)

yellow inbox
Sarah Holt
to me

My Dear Michelle
Very glad to hear from you. I am very well as usual and making good income using your system. I am from home and have more money coming in than ever. Thank you so much for introducing it to me! It change my life.
Sarah Holt


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I have gathered some videos here just to show you I wasn't joking. I wouldn't invest my precious time in writing this blog, if I knew it wouldn't help others. So take a look!!!

How to play using the system
My Neteller account

Final Tips:


Now you have it all. I have given you a simple way to earn money. You will see it from the start. Be patient with yourself, don't lose your head. Think for the long-term and don't do foolish things by thinking
"hey, I can get rich in 1 day…"
Isn't 50£ a day X 5 casinos X 365 days a year better than winning 500£ and then losing it all? Trust me, I have been playing safe and sound for the last 4 and a half years. I deposit only 65£ on each casino, and I can tell you that my family's standard of living hasn't dropped since my husband died, or since I quit my job. On the contrary, we have more money coming in than ever! And most importantly, I'm at home with my boys.

If you want to use the bonuses the casino is offering, you can do that, but first read all the bonus terms and conditions as usually there are certain terms and policies for withdrawing bonus money. If you don't want to use the bonuses, just contact the 24/7 support and let them know you don't want to have the bonus, as long as you haven't started playing with the bonus money, they will immediately remove the bonus.

Final words from my heart:

As for me, I still have to fill the hole in my heart for losing my husband in such a tragic way. I never re-married. I can't even think about it. The kids are my existence, and I am devoting all my efforts just to be with them, providing them with the love they need. They are the meaning of my life. So good luck to you guys, and I'm sure you will all succeed the same as I and many others have. It makes me stronger and happier knowing that I have helped so many people.

Kind regards,


Here are the casinos I am playing and which I have the best results.
casino casino casino casino casino